Bassam Hijazi
Bassam Hijazi

Delmon Group

Delmon Group has expanded over the years through a process of planned growth and diversification. However one thing has remained constant, the dedicated and professional attitude of the Delmon Team. It is because of this that our companies have developed a reputation in the marketplace for providing excellent service and quality products. This is something we are rightly proud of and we will strive to maintain.

I believe the key to us staying ahead in this everchanging marketplace is our ability to be adaptable and innovative. This has meant us incorporating the right changes at the right time, while ensuring that these changes equally form our pursuit of excellence and quality in all that we do.
Delmon has extended its horizons again with new products, services and territories. It remains well placed to continue with its success, firmly placing the needs of meeting its customer’s current and future demands at the forefront.
Our future is in our hands, and I am sure that while we continue to strive for excellence, we will continue to achieve success.



Industrial Project
40 Years
  • Delmon Shipping and Trading Establishment
  • Al Reem Ceiling & Fiberglass
  • Al Reem Marble & Granite
  • Gulf Green Landscape
  • Delmon Green Landscaping LLC
  • MEDCO Intenational Scaffolding Systems LLC
  • Delmon Scaffolding LLC
  • Delmon Overseas LLC – Oman
  • Delmon Scaffolding WLL – Qatar
  • Delmon Scaffolding and Formwork Saudi LLC – KSA



Delmon Group started out in the Oil and Gas Industry in 1976. When the UAE’s first refinery opened, Delmon Shipping and Trading Establishment welcomed the milestone by supplying mechanical equipment to the industry. Through excellent service and exceptional products, Delmon Group was able to create an image of dependability, build strong relationship with the rest of the UAE, adapted to the diversified need of the times and sustained the growth that has made it a global group.

As the Construction Industry blossomed, Delmon Group found the need to put more focus on certain sectors. Al Reem Ceiling and Fiberglass was born to cater to such a need. The vision was to become the market leader in the field of Interiors. Now, the company has completed some of the most prestigious projects in iconic buildings in the UAE.

Al Reem Marble and Granite is another part of the group that has become a market leader in its field. Only the best quality products originating from all over the world. Add this to the world class service that the Delmon Group of companies are known for, Al Reem Marble and Granite is now growing at an incredible rate.


“Delmon Group has strengthened
itself through Diversification,
Supporting each company and
the Clients to Ensure SUCCESS!”


Gulf Green Landscape and Delmon Green Landscaping LLC are 2 other companies that are experiencing exponential growth. With company owned nurseries strategically situated in different parts of the world, clients are assured of the wide variety of plants available. Delmon Group have 2 companies that can create an oasis right at your backyard.

MEDCO International Scaffolding Systems LLC was originally established in 1970 in the UK, dealing in construction and scaffolding equipment in the UK and European countries. Now, it is a member of the Delmon Group, with its own factory. The same international quality products are now proudly manufactured in the UAE. This ensures that quality products gets delivered on time and at cost effective rates.

Delmon Group has strengthened itself through diversification. Each company focuses on key aspects in the market, while being supported by the whole group. This ensured the attainment of the goals of each company and making the Delmon Group stronger than ever.

The growth of Delmon Group did not happen by chance. This has been a product of rigorous planning, market savvy through exposure and the ever-growing hunger to change for the better. The experience has been laden with acquisitions, partnerships and associations to come up with better solutions than the best answers found in the market. This is what the Delmon Group imparts to the clients whenever a service is made. This is the real reason for the success.

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